Take Your Equestrian Photography Skills to the Next Level

Have you ever felt unsure or insecure about your photography and photo editing skills? Maybe you have all the equipment but you don’t know how to make the most of it to get the amazing equestrian photos you dream of?

You’re in the right place. I created Wings, a 3-month online learning and group mentorship experience for Equestrian Photographers just like you. It’s the program I wish existed when I was first starting out as a photographer. Whether you’re a professional or a passionate amateur, Wings will help you grow as a photographer with the guidance of a mentor who cares about you and your success, and a community of fellow photographers cheering you on along the way.

"I now feel 1000000x more confident!"

Taylor Kos, Taylor Margaret Photography

“Prior to the mentorship, I was drowning in work and self-doubt. It would take me weeks to edit photos because I wasn’t sure anyone would like my style or edits, and I had no idea how to organize my workflow. I now feel 1000000x more confident! My photos have improved incredibly, my bookings instantly increased and so did my confidence.”

Wings is for you if...

  • You have questions about all sorts of equestrian photography-related topics and wish you had someone you could go to for the answers.

  • You love taking photos of horses but aren't as confident behind the camera as you would like to be.

  • You wish you knew more about how to edit and retouch your equestrian photos to bring out their true beauty.

  • You want personalized feedback on your images so you can create even better ones.

  • You want to be part of a small community of like-minded photographers who will support you and cheer you on as you learn.

  • You are looking for education and mentoring from an experienced photographer you can trust.

  • You would like to sign up for Pegasus, but aren't sure your skills are up to speed yet.

The Wings Mentorship Includes

  • Online Lessons

    Teaching is done in an Online Lesson format so you will have time to digest and apply what you've learned before we discuss the topic as a group during our Group Coaching Calls.

  • Group Coaching

    12 online group coaching calls (Mondays at 7 CT) where we check in with each other, discuss course content, assignments, and answer any questions you might have.

  • Accountability

    In order to make sure you are learning the content, I assign homework for each lesson and am there to help you if there is anything you don't fully understand.

  • Community

    You will have access to a private Facebook group where you can interact with other students, ask questions, and receive feedback on homework assignments.

  • Resources

    You will have access to digital resources such as eBooks, my Lightroom presets, Photoshop actions, recommended gear, favorite podcasts, and more.

  • Pegasus Circle

    After the mentorship, you'll have the opportunity to join Pegasus Circle, my monthly membership where I provide ongoing coaching. (only available to Mentorship alumni.)

"I have learned new skills in every aspect of the photography process!"

Ramie Shelton

“Before Wings, I had been a little nervous to dive into more editing. Shelley taught me how to make small changes that no one would notice yet bring the photo to a new level!

From posing and camera settings to editing and putting all the finishing touches together, I have learned new skills in every aspect of the photography process! I am so much more confident in my abilities!”
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An Invitation to Grow

Learn about my mentorships and why I want YOU to be part of them!

What will you learn?

The answer is: EVERYTHING you need to know to create and edit consistently beautiful, high-quality equestrian photos!

  • Week One - Horse Behavior and Safety at Sessions
  • Week Two - Tools of the Trade and Optimal Camera Settings
  • Week Three - Natural Posing for Horse and Rider
  • Week Four - Finding the Light, Finding the Magic
  • Week Five - Composition for Better Storytelling
  • Week Six - Workflow that Saves Time and Money
  • Week Seven - Lightroom for the Equestrian Photographer
  • Week Eight - Perfecting Your Images with Retouching
  • Week Nine - Black Background Fine Art
  • Week Ten - Full Session Editing and Retouching Demo
  • Week Eleven - Critique Week, Are you ready for Pegasus?
  • Week Twelve - Wrap up and Final Q&A

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Meet Your Mentor

Hi! I'm Shelley, and I give equestrian photographers the skills and confidence they need to take better photos and grow a successful business.

I have combined my deep love of horses with my passion for making heartfelt images to create a thriving full-time business. As I’ve led workshops and mentored photographers for more than 16 years, my goal is always to make sure my students learn the concepts and are able to successfully apply them to their own photography and business. My approach is concise, positive, and encouraging. I believe there’s no such thing as a bad question, and I like to keep learning fun! My favorite phrase to say while teaching is: “Good Job!”

"Shelley is very thorough, easy to understand, and I love her positive attitude!"

Jennifer Norman, Real Images Photography

"Before the mentorship program, my edits didn’t look professional. I used to get so frustrated with my camera. It was totally operator error—I don’t think my camera settings were correct a lot of the time. Now I know how to use my camera much more than before. I even know how to use light to my advantage and I’m more confident in my skills!”


A one-time payment of $1500
or $575/month for 3 months

  • 10 Video Lessons - reg. $2250
  • 12 group coaching/teaching calls (reg $1200)
  • Resource Library (reg. $400)
  • Circle of support (priceless!)
  • First priority for the Pegasus Mentorship
  • OVER $4000 Value!

The 2022 Wings Mentorship is full!

The Next Mentorship Starts in...

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  • How many people do you accept into Wings?

    In order to keep the community small and intimate, I limit Wings to 20 members per year.

  • Do I have to be an equestrian photographer?

    Yes. This mentorship is for photographers whose focus is horses, specifically portraits of people with their horses.

  • Will you be covering business or marketing topics?

    Not in this mentorship. The focus of Wings is to help photographers grow in their craft. If you are interested in growing your business and learning more advanced topics, then you would want to do the Pegasus mentorship. I still suggest you go through the Wings mentorship because Wings participants have priority for Pegasus and there are a very limited number of spots available.

  • Will you run this again another time during the year?

    Due to a very busy summer and fall schedule, I am only able to run this mentorship from January to March each year.

  • Will there be retreat with Wings?

    Wings is an online-only mentorship. If you are interested in in-person learning, join the full Pegasus Mentorship.

  • Are there 1:1 calls included with Wings?

    There are not, but Wings members receive 20% off 1:1 Zoom mentoring calls.

  • I'm from another country, can I do Wings?

    Yes, Wings is done all online, so anyone from anywhere in the world can participate.

  • When will group coaching Zoom calls be?

    Because many of those who will do this mentorship work another job, video calls will be scheduled on Monday evenings.