Take your Equestrian Photography and your confidence to the next level!

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, this app is packed with features to help you capture stunning photos of horses and the people who love them. From posing inspiration to creative ideas to affirmations that will help you feel calmer and more confident at a session, Equicapture has everything you need to take your equestrian photography to the next level.

EquiCapture Features

  • Posing Inspiration & Prompts

    Equicapture features a gallery of go-to poses that you can use during your sessions and posing prompts you can use to engage your subject and their horse in a meaningful way.

  • Horse Whinnies for Ears Up

    Do you need an alert, ears forward expression? Use EquiCapture to play the sound of horses whinnying and capture your equine subject at its best.

  • Tips & Tutorials

    Expand your Equestrian Photography knowledge with provides tips and tutorials, linking directly to my education blog directly inside the Equicapture app.

  • Affirmations & Meditations

    Feeling discouraged or in need of motivation? Equicapture offers affirmations to help you stay positive on your photography journey along with guided meditation audio and a pre-session prayer to help you feel calm and confident before each session.

  • Creative Ideas

    Get inspired and keep your photography fresh and exciting with the Creative Ideas section, offering new and innovative photography techniques to mix things up and take your photography to the next level.

  • Camera Settings

    The right camera settings are key to getting the perfect shot. Equicapture includes a Camera Settings section with recommended camera settings for different lighting conditions, horse and rider movement, and more!

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Holy cow, WOW! What an incredible resource!

Jessica Lash

This is a one-stop-shop for equine photographers. It’s confidence, inspiration, and encouragement all rolled into one! You really thought of everything. Your passion for helping photographers of all levels really shines through this app.

Where has this App been all my life?

Kelly Keneally

Everything I need for a photo shoot in one place. Photo inspiration, camera settings, even horse whinnies for ears! This App is brilliant!

It’s like having Shelley in my pocket!

Karen Black

So much information and inspiration for those moments when I need to take a moment and regroup. I can already picture myself in my car going through posing and affirmations before a session.

A must-have for all equine photographers!

Brittany Currie

Having both posing prompts and camera settings in once place makes it easy during a session to check for inspiration and confirm settings for different situations. An all-in-one app easy to use app!

The perfect app for any level of Equine Photographer

Jacqueline Harris

If you just need helpful reassurance before a session about posing inspiration, camera settings or posing prompts, it's there! The affirmations are great to read through if you are feeling nervous or having anxiety before or after a shoot as well. Everything is right at your fingertips including all the perfect noisemakers to get those ears up! EquiCapture is something every Equine Photographer should have on their phone!

EquiCapture is a one-stop resource for Equestrian Photographers

Amy Mackley

To have this much knowledge and information gathered in one easy-to-use app is a must-have for Equine Photographers. The affirmation of settings and ideas is so helpful, and one can never have too many words of affirmation. I love that section. Thank you, Shelley Paulson. Your app will serve many so very well.

EquiCapture Screenshots

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Purchase EquiCapture Today!

Only $34.99 (one time payment)