What does it mean to be a Pegasus Certified Equestrian Photographer?

A Pegasus Certified Equestrian Photographer has successfully completed The Pegasus Mentorship, a 6-month advanced Equestrian Photography Mentorship with Shelley Paulson Education.

The Pegasus Mentorship is a structured photography educational program that provides comprehensive training and instruction in various aspects of Equestrian Photography, including technical and artistic skills, safety protocols, image editing, and business practices. 

Through a combination of online classes, coaching, and practical experience, participants gain an advanced understanding of Equestrian Photography and the skills needed to successfully manage a professional business in this field.

Note: Shelley Paulson Photography provides certification to individuals based on their demonstrated knowledge and skills in photography. While Shelley Paulson Photography endeavors to uphold high ethical standards and promote professionalism among its certified members, it cannot guarantee the ethical conduct or actions of individual members. 

Shelley Paulson Photography does not assume liability for any unethical behavior, actions, or consequences resulting from the conduct of its certified members. 

It is the responsibility of clients or users of the services provided by certified members to exercise due diligence and make informed decisions when engaging with them. Shelley Paulson Photography encourages reporting of any unethical behavior by its members and will take appropriate action in line with its code of conduct and policies.