The Quick Start Guide to Equestrian Photography

Picture this...’re standing in a field awash in golden evening light. In front of you is a girl and the horse she dreamed of owning her whole life. You are holding a camera in your hands and it’s your job to create the most beautiful, memorable images possible for her. Now what do you do? This eBook is all about answering that question. I’m going to give you the knowledge and tools you need to consistently create strong, powerful images of people with their horses.

  • Gain an understanding of horse behavior

  • How to work safely around horses

  • Discover the tools of the trade and 'best' settings

  • How to prepare horse and rider for the session

  • Learn how to get those ears up - and why you want to

  • Discover how to best pose horse and rider

  • Learn the secrets to capturing horse and rider connection

Included in Your Purchase

    1. Quick Start Guide to Equestrian Photography - Download

    2. Prep Guide & Questionnaire Template

    3. Posing App

About this course

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